Dynamics of Concentrated Vortices

The aim of the proposed Colloquium is to bring together scientists who are working on the problems, related to the concentrated vortices.

Concentrated vortices of vortex filament type are the key object in hydrodynamics. They play a fundamental role in the formation of the flow structure and the mechanisms of transport processes both at the micro- (quantum turbulence) and the meso- (coherent structures in turbulent flows; tornado) scales, and even in astrophysical systems. The main focus of the Colloquium will be paid to the specific features of the vortex flows with the vorticity concentration and the corresponding physical phenomena. The topics discussed include dynamics of vortex filaments, spiral vortices, instability and waves on the vortices, vortex breakdown, vortex reconnection, swirling flames, vortices in two-phase flow, and quantum vortices. The latest methods of theoretical and numerical simulation of concentrated vortices, as well as the methods for their experimental diagnostics and applied aspects in the energy technologies and aerospace engineering will be presented. The Colloquium will contribute to a greater understanding of the most important physical phenomena associated with concentrated vortices having fundamental importance for science and various applications.